Fuel and Oil Polishing

fleet service and maintenance

G&R Maintenance offer Fuel and Oil Polishing.

Have you done fuel/oil testing lately and it has come back with contaminents?

Fuel and Oil Polishing is an exercise in removing contamination such as dirt, rust, sludge, microbial growht and water. We attend your site and restore your contaminated fuel/oil to a better condition than when you recieved it.  It is also a good way to revive stale fuel that has been sitting for extended periods of time.

Dont waste money by removing the fuel/oil and replacing it, get it polished. 

G&R provides support to:

  • Commercial buildings
  • Farming
  • Commercial and private marine
  • Plant and machinery
  • Service stations

Give the team at G&R a call and discuss how we can help you.