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  • Safety Alert: Maintenance and repair of commercial vehicles


    A safety alert has been issued by Worksafe Victoria with regards to maintenance and repair work on commercial vehicles. The alert provides guidance on the health and safety risks associated with failing to maintain, repair and conduct regular inspections on components in commercial vehicles.


    The safety alert was released following an incident where an employee sustained fatal injuries as a result of road accident. An examination of the vehicle had identified that the driver seat was in an unsafe condition. It was observed that the missing parts and cracks in the metal work of the seat pan (including welds in the steel frame) were largely to blame for the injuries sustained to the employee at the time.


    At the time of the incident, Worksafe stated that the employer was aware of the condition of the driver seat and it had not been repaired, therefore it was in an unsafe condition prior to the accident. The incident highlights the importance of members conducting regular inspections and how inadequacy of work procedures to repair and maintain faults can create a risk to employees and surroundings.

    It is important that VACC members make customers aware of the importance of the risks associated with failures to maintain, inspect and repair faults to components in vehicles. Employers who manage vehicles should ensure:

    • Vehicles are roadworthy, safe and without risks to health
    • Vehicles are regularly inspected and appropriate maintained faults/component are repaired appropriately through manufactures recommendations or competent person
    • Employees are provided with training and instructions in relation to undertaking pre-operational checks.

    VACC Update  'Safety Altert: maintenance and repair of commercial vehicles, , vol. 56, no. 3, pp.4

  • Cup Weekend Hours


    G & R Maintenance will be closed the following days over the Melbourne Cup Weekend 2015

    Saturday 31st October

    Sunday 1st November

    Monday 2nd Novemeber

    Tuesday 3rd Novemeber

    Happy punting everyone!!!!

  • Truck Accident/Incidents and Maintenance

    As we are picking up more work through the Mass Maintenance Management I decided to do a little bit of research on the amount of accidents/incidents that are caused by poor maintenance or companies taking short cuts on Maintenance.

    What I found shocked me, with the help of the NTI 2015 Major Accident Investigation Report I will give you a few intersting stats, but before I start with the stats I will just confirm the investigation report only takes into account accidents which do more than $50k damage (and for a truck that's not hard...).  One of the opening statement made in the report was:

    “In 2015, we have safer vehicles, safer speeds, safer roads, and generally more responsible and safer behaviour. Nonetheless, heavy vehicle crash incidents continue to occur...”

    Since 2002 it is reported that a 30% growth in the freight task but a 35% decline in the incidence of serious crashes.

    Inappropriate speed for the prevailing conditions continued to be the predominant cause with major truck crashes, accounting for 27% of claims registered. 73.6% of speed losses resulted in rollover.

    In 2015 Fatigue at 12.8% was the worst result since 2007.

    Early in the week, Monday through to Wednesdays continue to reflect the greater proportion of crash events. October, March & July were the worst months with the Spring & Autumn seasons the marginally worst periods.

    Truck fires continue to account for 10.7% of large loss incidents with electrical failure accounting for 68.5% of cabin / engine compartment fires.

    The report found that Victoria was the best performing State when comparing major truck crash incidents to that State’s share of the freight task. While the Pacific & Hume Highways in NSW were the worst performing highways, they were closely followed by the West’s, Great Northern. In this report there were fewer major incidents occurring on Queensland’s Bruce Highway.

    I saved the best stat till last....

    Mechanical failures remained at a 5% crash incident level. (Tyre failure accounted for 72% of losses attributed to mechanical fault.)

    Whilst this figure is not great, one does have a small sense of pride that maintenance of vehicles is getting better.  From another viewpoint, does this mean that companies are starting to understand CoR???? Clearly when companies are making money then maintenance will be kept up to date, what happens when we go through some hard times? Do we drop maintenance again due to cutting costs or has the corner been turned and fleet/owner operators understand that constant up keeping of their assets will benefit not only their bottom line but also their contractual requirements.

    So I pose a question to any who take the time to read my post:

    How do we as a nation help the ageing heavy vehicle driver workforce in making our roads safer??? Whilst I would like to say I have the solution even I will admit that one person will never solve this alone.....

    Thanks for taking the time to read my post if you want to read the whole NTI report go to: <


  • Seeking a Trade Qualified HD Diesel Mechanic | Full Time

    Diesel mechanic dandenong

    Seeking a trade qualified HD Diesel Mechanic and /or Car Mechanic to join the team on a permanent basis in Dandenong, Melbourne. Please contact Anthony 03 9768 2955 for further information.

  • Truck Shows 2015

    G & R truck and trailer repairs in dandenong

    For those interested we have posted a link to all the Truck Shows in Australia for 2015. Please see below.

  • May, 2014 Latest News

    G&R Truck and Trailer Repairs

    What Is Plant?

    WorkSafe Victoria define plant as a broad term covering machinery and equipment that:

    • cuts, drills, punches or grinds material
    • presses, forms, hammers, joins or moulds material
    • combines, mixes, sorts, packages, assembles or knits material
    • lifts or moves materials or people

    Click here to view more of the article

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  • Is your Truck or Trailer in need of some TLC?

    G&R Truck and Trailer Repairs Dandenong

    G&R Maintenance is opening up bookings to vehicles that may need maintenance and attention to any repairs that your truck or machinery may need during the Xmas and New Year break. This a great opportunity to use the quite time to fix those issues that have been overdue for a while or services that are due. That way you are a ready to meet the New Year in good repair. Please contact our workshop for dates on  03 9768 2955.

  • Grounding Fleets

    G&R Truck and Trailer Maintenance Dandenong

    Grounding Fleets

    Why is it that when large companies have an incident which includes a member of the Public they ground their fleets in a show to win the public over?

    Then they farm all their vehicles out to maintenance companies looking for that one company that will take short cuts and get their vehicles back on the road with little or no issues, hence making the local manager look good and protecting his bottom line.

    Until managers start understanding what Duty of Care and Chain of Responsibility is (and that its not just about them) then we will keep on having these accidents and it will only get worse, take Cootes for instance, they lost large contracts after an incident in Sydney killed a member of the public on our roads due to unmaintained equipment, sadly there were more innocent people killed in South Australia last week.

    Its not only the Company that is doing the work but it is also up to the Company that has taken on their services to ensure that maintenance is being done on all vehicles/machinery that are operating on public roads.

    In my opinion we should be doing Roadworthy's on all heavy vehicles every year, yes adds cost but it also gives us (the public) peace of mind that the vehicles we are travelling next to on the roads are Roadworthy.

  • G&R Maintenance Art Work

    G&R Maintenance Art

    Fantastic art work done by our innovative, creative and dedicated staff. Not sure what parts they used but you must agree the result is brilliant. G&R Maintenance Mascot DOG.