What is Plant?

May, 2014 | Anthony Blight


WorkSafe Victoria define plant as a broad term covering machinery and equipment that:

  • cuts, drills, punches or grinds material
  • presses, forms, hammers, joins or moulds material
  • combines, mixes, sorts, packages, assembles or knits material
  • lifts or moves materials or people

Common types of plant include:


The Victorian OH&S Regulations 2007 requires that an employer must ensure that health and safety information (Plant Risk Assessment) be supplied to the person to whom is operating the plant.  This should include, where relevant, information on:

  • hazards and risks;
  • purpose of the plant;
  • testing;
  • inspection;
  • installation;
  • commissioning;
  • operation;
  • maintenance;
  • cleaning;
  • transport;
  • storage;
  • dismantling;
  • systems of work;
  • operator competency; and
  • any emergency procedures relating to the plant


At G & R Maintenance we specialise in plant & equipment maintenance and safety, and can help you with:

  • One off plant risk assessments
  • Site attendance to assess your plant & equipment 
  • Complete fleet risk assessment
  • Regular maintenance of your plant and equipment
  • Coming up with solutions to bring your plant and equipment in line with the current Australian Standards and actually carrying out the work ourselves.

If your plant or equipment is going to work on a government funded project then a Plant Risk Assessment is required prior to stepping foot onsite.  Be proactive use G & R Maintenance to do the Plant Risk Assessment, we have just spent two years on a federally funded project and know the ins and out of what is required to get your machinery onsite.   

At G & R Maintenance we understand that your plant and equipment has to work not sit in the paddock waiting for the paperwork to get done or that flashing light, reversing beeper is waiting to get fixed or the fire extinguisher is out of date.  Time is money and our aim is to ensure that you get to site and start work straight away.